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Monday, May 21, 2018


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Beautiful peony, artfully presented.


Wonderful presentation as always!


What an elegant arrangement!

Ali, The Mindful Gardener

Beautiful, simple peony blooms. And I love your cultural mash-up!


That is SO stylish, Linda, and yet so simple. What a treat for us on IAVOM - thanks for sharing

sandra dorey

Love your style!


Absolutely stunning with the peonies in that lovely basket....I agree with others...simple and stylish!

Lisa at Greenbow

Loverly peonies. It is always fun to rediscover an item in the storage closet.

Kris P

You have the most fabulous collection of containers, Linda! Of course, I'm very envious of the peonies too. It seems that even my Majorcan peony refuses to bloom this year.

Linda Brazill

Things are all over the place in terms of what is appearing on or off schedule. I am attempting to remind myself that it is going to be a year where nothing is normal weather wise.


What a gorgeous peony! I am starting to appreciate single flowers more and more, and these are just gorgeous. A lovely arrangement, Linda.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That's classy, Linda, and truly beautiful!

Linda Brazill

These are species Peonies of which I grow about 4-5 different varieties, all singles. As well as being lovely, they don't need any supports and their seed heads are quite attractive as well.


A truly artful composition. Those peonies are beautiful!


Love the form of the classic. You've really made the arrangement and vase balance beautfiully.

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