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Monday, May 14, 2018


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Barbara H.

Both the tulips and the vase won my heart. They look pretty perfect together. The tea bowls are pretty eye catching too. What is the dumbbell shape in the middle? A rattle?


The tulips are lovely. They last a tantalizingly long time for you. I enjoy seeing your art pieces. The newest acquisitions seem perfect.


I love watching tulips unfold as well and these are lovely in the beautiful vase....I can see why you love this artist's work.

Linda Brazill

Your first guess was correct. It is an antique, or at least rusty, dumbbell.


As always, your style wins my heart. Your new acquisitions are as much of a delight as your long-awaited tulips. The upside of your late spring is that you now get to enjoy tulips and the like that are, in my garden, just a memory.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for those kind words. When we went out to the pottery festival we were convinced we would not buy anything! Someday there is going to be a great garage sale at our house.


What a stylish vase with the elegant tulips and the equally elegant vase. All your new pieces have a great style of their own and I can see why you were smitten

Lisa at Greenbow

That's the spirit. Don't buy anything. ;) I like your new tea bowls. The grey one especially. I like the color combo on it. The tulip is lovely. I thought it a peony when I glanced at the first pictures. Perfect on the mantel. I wish you would send some rain down this way. DRY here with record high temps. UGH

Linda Brazill

We've had 4 inches of rain in the last week so clearly we are getting some of yours. Temps hitting 80 by Wed. Those tulips just exploded open in the last hour with the sun and warmth and the woodland peonies will be gone in a day with this wacky weather. No one is getting the weather they want or typically expect.

Kris P

I'm sorry you're continuing to be plagued with rain. At least you were able to rescue those pretty tulips. I love the vase!

Nomads By Nature

Oh my gosh. Perfection! All of it.


Beautiful vase! I love the tulips...they almost look like magnolias.

Amelia Grant

Love the restrained color palette and all of your new vases!


What a beautiful, peaceful vase - just right for those lovely tulips.

Linda Brazill

My husband thought they were peonies. I think the fact they are both white and double is confusing.

Loree / danger garden

That vase, and those tulips, are sweet perfection.

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