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Thursday, May 24, 2018


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Barbara H.

I'm always so sad about the fragility of peony blossoms. The variegated hosta is nice next to the peony foliage.


It's good you have a photo to memorialize it, and it looks like more buds set to open.


It was beautiful while it lasted. Fortunately, that handsome foliage will be around for the rest of the season.

Linda Brazill

Usually they last a bit longer but we’re having 10 days of temps in the 80s so eveything is coming and going at a crazy fast rate. Can’t imagine what summer will be like!


I love peonies with colorful, fat carpels. Some have rosy bracts/petal sheaths, too. It's tempting to let them stay on, as they make quite a show post bloom, but it's best for next year's bloom not to let them ripen into pods, especially on young plants. 'Minnie Shaylor' is a lactiflora hybrid with those qualities.I

The Saunders hybrids are so appealing, each in its own way, that I try not to spend too much time with catalogs that offer them. His contributions to the genus were dramatic.

Linda Brazill

Clearly you know your Peonies!

Lisa at Greenbow

I always like to see your peonies. This one if a beauty. Worth waiting for.


What a sweet simple flower. Beautiful!

rusty duck

That is lovely!

Beth @ PlantPostings

That's a winner! The soft petals make my heart melt. Does it have a sweet scent, too? It looks like it would be lovely in a vase, as well.


A favorite plant of mine - thanks for sharing!


I am a peony addict myself. It's fabulous,I have never heard of this cross before.

Linda Brazill

I got this one from Klehm's Song Sparrow Nursery here in Wisconsin. They also do mail order. They are about a 5th generation breeder of peonies. Legendary in the field. They don't always sell the same ones from year to year so you have to grab something unusual when you see it.


Thanks largely to my father, who planted 40 mostly lactiflora varieties here when I was an infant. They were the first flower I remember getting to know (fragrant blooms the size of my head, at head height).

When I moved back here, identifying them got me poring over catalogs and books, which introduced me to the Saunders hybrids. Adding a few has made the peony season start weeks earlier. It's a constant temptation to beef up the early season with more...

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