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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a beauty and I can imagine the fragrance. Here near my BIL's house there is a small lilac, reminds me of Miss Kim, and it is blooming and wafting around it's fragrance daily while we are here. No matter when you step out of the house this little shrub reminds you that it is here. Smells heavenly.

Loree / danger garden

My lilac needs are taken care of by a shrub in the park at the end of our street. They smell amazing!

Linda Brazill

I've never had any luck with lilacs as cut flowers. Mine always wilt, even the ones cut from the old tree we had on the lot line.

Beth @ PlantPostings

We have two Dwarf Korean shrubs, and I agree they are the best when selecting a type of Lilac for a suburban or urban garden. We also have a larger Syringa vulgaris at the corner of the lot, which is nice, but it blooms early and fades fast. The S. meyeris seem to have a more pleasant scent to me and bloom longer, although I love them all. The butterflies and hummingbirds love the nectar of the S. meyeris, too.


One of my favorite fragrances. I've one inherited Syringa vulgaris that blooms on the alley behind our place. It's unfortunate that the bushes aren't more interesting when not in bloom.

Barbara H.

I left behind a wonderful lilac when I moved from Portland, "Miss Ruth" was I think it's name. Actually, I dug up a sucker but after a few years and a couple of moves trying to find the right spot it died. My "Miss Kim" was spectacular last year but usually it makes a half hearted attempt. Something is better than nothing, though. We may not get enough chill hours down here. Yours looks spectacular and I've not heard about the grafted lilacs before.

Linda Brazill

I dream of old-fashioned lilacs but you really need space and lots of sun. I've used up my space and my trees are shading out the original lilac that came with out house.


I saved a bit of lilac when one was removed when we had the extension built I do hope I can get it looking like yours, it is a lovely shape xx

Linda Brazill

That lilac is grafter onto a stem to get the lollipop shape but I do prune the top into a kind of oval ball after it blooms each year.

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