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Saturday, June 02, 2018


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Six fuzzy ducklings! Now that's a perfect day.

Loree / danger garden

They’re so cute! Hope they stick around so you can (hint) share more photos.


What a treat to have the ducklings swimming in your pond! They are adorable and I hope they stay safe. Thanks for sharing Mark's photos with us.

rusty duck

Oh, wonderful. Well done Ethel!


Oh! That is the most wonderful thing. I wonder how long they will stay. I hope they stay safe.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a great surprise to find in the garden. I hope none of your frogs or turtles are large enough to eat the ducklings. They are so cute.


Oh my gosh, they are so sweet! BTW, I replied to you on Erin's toad lilies didn't appear until last week here in KC, so hopefully yours will still show up for you.

Linda Brazill

I did see your comment on Erin's blog. Only one of my toad lilies has not made an appearance as of yet. I still have things coming up late or not at all or not quite the usual size. Such an unusual year.


Adorable! A special treat for you to see Ethel and the kids and to share them with us.

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