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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


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That columnar basil will look good all season! I find the leaves useful in Thai dishes, as the flavor's closer to Thai basil than Italian.

Lisa at Greenbow

Gift certificate! That is always cause for excitement. It looks like you found some goodies. I like the epimedium foliage. It is big.
I hope you are having a good time.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I've never been to Fitchburg Farms--others have mentioned it, so I need to get out there. Flower Factory is one of my favorites, too. I could spend days in there. ;-)


Your restraint is admirable! These look like great nurseries and you brought home some fab plants. Even more impressive is that almost everything is already planted. You're a wonder!

Loree / danger garden

Your restraint is something I cannot fathom. I am thrilled you found something to spend your GC on though!

Linda Brazill

The real deals at Fitchburg were the trees, I thought.

Linda Brazill

Even I was amazed at my restraint! But I know it will not be my last shopping trip of the season.


Sounds like a fun excursion. I like that astilbe, something I've been meaning to try again.

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