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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

It is good that your garden is finally recovering from the horrid winter. I like all your views but where you have moved the bench certainly gives you a splendid view. I like the way the bright dogwood stops the eye from going through to the neighbors. I love those big rocks clamoring for attention amongst the greenery. The pot stands out too.

I take overall photos of my garden at the first of the month. I have been doing that for some years. I used to just stick my head out the back and front door to do this. Then one winter I was trying to remember something out in the garden and I realized I need to walk around and picture everything so I do that now too. It is fun to see how the garden evolves through out the year and year to year.

Barbara H.

You and Mark have done such a fine job of creating texture and subtle, complementing colors in your restful garden. I imagine every time you walk the paths you see something new nodding hello and thanks to you.


Love these wider views of your garden! The last one is a new perspective for me of how your pond is situated. Sorry for so many winter losses.


Sometimes I'm really good at taking overall photos of the garden, other times, not so much. I never seem to want to document things when they are looking bad, but clearly I should reconsider that stance. there is definitely something to be said for using pictures as sort of a "to do list".

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I love these posts. Please keep doing them!

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