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Monday, June 18, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

What is that flower in the right pot? I will look forward to seeing all your new Plants in situ. Happy IAVOM.


I love simple vases with just one or two elements...a refreshing counterpoint to busy days. The cachepot idea is brilliant Linda, thanks for sharing.

Linda Brazill

It is Lewisa cotyledon 'Elise Mix.' It has wonderful peachy orange flowers. Since I got it,I have seen named peachy varieties. This one apparently comes in mixed colors, so I hope it returns in this same color next year (which I assume it will . . )


The most beautiful vases seem to be the simplest.....just lovely!


Robert Indiana's iconic work brings fond memories for so many and your arrangement is perfect. What a splendid idea to slip new purchases into cachepots to enjoy inside. I may have to lift this idea.


A simple and effective tribute, Linda - what is the sculpture made from? Is it metal?

Linda Brazill

It is metal. I am not sure what kind but nothing special. My husband and I were both art students in the 1960s, so we love all the artists of that era.


Simple but lovely display. It's been a good year for heuchera here. Hope yours does well. I'd missed the news about Robert Indiana so appreciate your mentioning it.

Kris P

Your arrangement and the tabletop display are lovely as usual but I adore those candlesticks!

Amelia Grant

Love the chives and LOVE! I actually do like chives and am hard pressed to grow them here.

Linda Brazill

Got the candlesticks years ago at the Northern Clay Center in the Twin Cities. Not my usual style but I am so glad we bought them. We live about 4 hours from Mpls. but don't get there very often.

Linda Brazill

I dug out most of my chives last year as they were taking over. Of course, this year I am annoyed that there aren't enough!


Chive flowers are so simple and beautiful.

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