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Monday, June 25, 2018


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Those lilies make a grand display....and the bright blooms of the grocery flowers really glow.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can't imagine having enough tall lilies for vases indoors. What luxury. Fun Monday vases all. Happy IAVOM.


I love your lilies. It's fun to indulge and purchase flowers for yourself sometimes.


I can't bring myself to cut lilies from the garden even though they often last as long in a vase as they do outside. Your Martagons are stunning in their containers. The grocery store arrangement is very bright and pretty too. Some of the grocery store florists here tempt with flowers that are locally grown and I occasionally yield to that temptation.

Loree / danger garden

Sprucing up fading bouquets with items from your garden is a perfect way to extend their life. And wow! Your lilies are gorgeous.


I really love the delicate peachy colour of your martagon lilies - they look rather Art Deco in your bathroom!

Linda Brazill

I had not thought of it but the lilies do have kind of a Deco feel especially with the sconces.


Such a riot of can beat flowers from the garden.

Kris P

The lilies are gorgeous! And I don't think you should second guess yourself on the impromptu selection of some store-bought blooms - sometimes you just need to treat yourself!

Amelia Grant

I love those Martagon Lilies, and how wonderful they last. My mother, an excellent gardener,nearly always had a supermarket bouquet on her kitchen table.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, I like them both! I'm in a bit of a holding pattern, too, with quite a few blooms in the tiny sunny garden just about to pop! I totally understand buying grocery store flowers and arrangements: Sometimes, they're really nicely displayed, healthy, lovely blooms and it just makes sense to take them home. Have a great week!

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