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Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

A delicious array of lilies, from the wet to the heavenly heights.

Barbara H.

Your lilies are lovely. It's raining here and looks like we will have a day or two of it, but it's needed and cooler so I 'm happy. A sick cat, along with way too hot for June weather, has kept me inside lately. The cat is better, thank goodness, and I'll be happy to get back outside to weeding and cleaning up a dead tree along the edge of the woods that chose to fall towards the lawn. I hope your weather evens out.

Linda Brazill

The temperatures are much more livable and as long as we don't have any more gushing rain we should be OK.

Linda Brazill

Always nice to have some plants that perform without any problems.


So pretty! I miss growing water lilies but at some point, due to limited space, a decision had to be made between koi and lilies. The koi won. I'm adding 'Mrs. R. O. Backhouse' to my bulb order this year as their color(s) in your garden are stunning. I've got a few other varieties that come back year after year taking their shady location in stride. Happy summer solstice!

Linda Brazill

We never had Koi for the reason you mention. We did have goldfish for quite a few years but they drew predators who always knocked the water lily pots over, so finally we stopped having the goldfish after they all died one bad winter.

I think Martagon Mrs. Backhouse is great for all those color variations; goes with anything in the garden or a bouquet.

rusty duck

Your martagons are lovely. I inherited a few so they obviously work here. I must add more. The challenge will be to get the bulbs established before the mice/voles find them.

Linda Brazill

I was lucky when I planted them not to have all the critter problems I have these days.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Your lilies are so lovely. You always manage to get me excited about a plant that I'm feeling ho hum about otherwise.

Linda Brazill

The waterlilies really need sun and to be fed for the best flower performance. They're being shaded out and we did not feed them this year. But the marathons don't need anything and can take a fair amount of sun and shade. Lots of drama for very little effort.

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