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Friday, July 06, 2018


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I'm looking forward to seeing it in person tomorrow! I did a quick run through my MIL's garden, but they live just above a wetland, and the mosquitoes are terrible.

Barbara H.

I'm glad your flowers waited for you. We've had a rainy but hot and humid summer down here. I'm grateful for the rain but the weeds are taking off. I, too, want to move some plants and also plant some in pots but have been holding off for fear of a dry summer. I might have to just go ahead and do it.


Those darned kids really did a number on your garden with no one to yell at them. It's nice that you didn't miss out on the daylily blooms. Eight days away from the garden in the summer is a long time!

Rae Kaiser

Where are these kids parents? Or maybe they don’t care. 😥

Lisa at Greenbow

It is difficult to be away during summer. Everything grows and goes so fast, especially the blooms. Those darned kids. They will be sorry now that you are back.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, I know what you mean about leaving the garden--any time during the growing season! This year isn't too bad because if the ample rain, but still.... Anyway, I'm glad you didn't miss the lilies and the other beautiful blooms.

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