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Thursday, July 05, 2018


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Seven hundred miles is quite a road trip! Some gorgeous trees at your stopping point. You must be exhausted.

Linda Brazill

When my first niece and nephew were born I was making that trip by myself every 6 months. Now Mark and I only do it every few years. Tiring drive and somewhat emotionally exhausting hanging out with 11 adults and three little boys (the children of that original niece and nephew).


That's a nice pitstop after a couple hours on the road. Nice that you were able to enjoy some of the ride.
All the trees and shade make it seem kinda cool!

Loree / danger garden

Having spent virtuallly no time in the part of the country you’re referencing the thought of the road trip sounds delightful. Then again the 6 hour drive to my parents house wears me out...

Lisa at Greenbow

That is a lot of windshield time. As we get older we don't like to do so much driving in one clip. What a treat to stop where you get to see such wonderful plants. Worth the drive. That beech is magnificent.

Barbara H.

Things are so much easier and so much harder at the same time as we age. Easier because we, or rather I, am more willing to take more time and spend money on overnight lodging. Harder because I am unused to all the hullabaloo that can occur with lots more people around. It's good to see family, though. My sister and I are overdue for the long trip up to Michigan to see my other sister and her extended brood.

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