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Monday, July 23, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Neat beaker. Love these lilies especially when you come upon them in the wild.


Great new vase and the lily is perfect for it. Also love that big pot in the background.

Linda Brazill

It is definitely a big pot! We have a number of pots in the garden all by the same potter who has a studio and shop not far out side of Madison.


Glad you weighted the vase, Linda! Lovely lilies too


A rainy day is perfect for visiting an antiques mall. Come to think of it, just about any day is a good day to visit. Great find and it's nice to see the tall elegance of the lily celebrated in such a vessel.

Barbara H.

Great find. With Mark's great carpentry skills, I wonder if he could make a wooden stand for it to fit into so it's less likely to tip and break?

Nomads By Nature

That is dramatic and quite cool! Loving the scale of both the new vase and your existing pot in that same photo.


It would be 'a tall order' to find a vase to take such a big lily. This works really well...

Linda Brazill

With a flower like these lilies I hate to cut them short to fit into most vases. I think this vase caught my eye because the tall lilies are blooming right now.

Linda Brazill

We have a couple of really big ceramic pots that we now leave outdoors in the winter, too. They get raised up on wooden blocks and turned upside down. So far it seems to work.

Kris P

Such dramatic flowers need an equally dramatic vase. The only question I have is where do you store it when not in use?

I hope that rainstorm helped all your recent plantings settle in before your garden tour!

Linda Brazill

Yes, the rain made the garden look good and the plants were happy. Most of the time I try to think about where I will store a new item before I buy it. This time I just grabbed that vase without a clue as to where I will put it when it's empty.

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