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Monday, July 30, 2018


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What a wonderfully undemanding bed that is, Linda! I know what you mean about 'forgetting' our ornamental vases as I certainly do - I think I need to catalgue them all so I know the selection I have to choose from ;) Your little Monday arrangement is muted and unassuming, unlike the brashness of summer!


Your sweet vase captures the essence of the entire glorious traffic island bed and the frog is adorable!

Linda Brazill

Because I did not buy an expensive antique Japanese frog a number of years ago, I have ended up buying half a dozen others instead!


Linda, the vase is pretty and thank you for sharing the entire border. Our neighborhood does not allow planting blooming flowers in that strip between the sidewalk and street and your flowers illustrate how attractive and positive an impact it could have.

Linda Brazill

This is actually a raised bed in the center of the street dividing the lanes and forcing drivers to slow down. I've had a number of things planted there over the years but this is none of the best in terms of needing little attention and not blocking the sign.

Kris P

The traffic island bed is wonderful, Linda. If only more people took the time to create beauty like that for their neighbors to enjoy! Getting cut flowers from there is a bonus.


I meant to get Summer Beauty last year, but I didn't. Gotta do it this year so I won't kick myself next summer.

Linda Brazill

I just saw one called 'Windy City' that was similar size but a darker purple that was very nice looking. I have not had trouble with this one reseeding which can be an issue with Alliums.

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