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Monday, July 09, 2018


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Those asiatic lilies are worth making a note of. I have never grown them but have seen them displayed in pots here. Such depth of color. Boo to the rabbits. Such a hard critter to deal with.

Lisa at Greenbow

RABBITS!!! Darn their hides.
I like your dark lilies.
I just came in from the morning rounds. Hot and humid again. Summer is here to stay. Not REALly complaining. We need summer to get us through the winter. This heat and humidity is for tropical areas. Geez. You will be so glad you got things accomplished while it isn't at the highest heat.


Sophisticated drama - delicious! Darned critters. Luckily you still get to enjoy the flowers in a vase.

Loree / danger garden

Funny, I have both of those but hadn't noticed how lovely they are together!


What to combine 'Forever Susan' with has been a bugbear for me. Llandini seems like it will work well, and I have both. Don't know why it never occurred to me before. Bummer that you had to rescue the flower stalk before it even got planted. One of my vases this week contains rescued blooms too.


Those lilies are truly outstanding. What colours!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Woah, those are some seriously stunning lilies! I worked with lilies in an arrangement this weekend, too, but I probably won't get around to posting about it until next week or the week after. Vacation is on the horizon, and I'm trying to quick finish some things up before we go...

Linda Brazill

Enjoy your vacation and try not to wear yourself out prepping.

Kris P

That lily is pure drama!

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