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Monday, July 16, 2018


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I feel your pain, Linda. Although I try to get out early to work in the garden, it's never as early as I intended, and it doesn't take long before I'm a hot, sweaty mess and have to come in. Your lily is beautiful; I would have a hard time cutting those blooms, too!

Lisa at Greenbow

I hear you. It has been hot and humid here too. Bah humbug. Love seeing your tall lily blooming. It is so bright and charming. I hope you have your garden ready for the openings.

Loree / danger garden

A lovely vignette! I missed Bloomday yesterday, but caught up today.

Linda Brazill

Seems like it's been hot and humid forever. Really wears one out without doing much.

Linda Brazill

I think this lily must be getting shaded out. I planted 10 bulbs four years ago but I only see half that many plants this year. It is so tall and quite sturdy.

Linda Brazill

I've been spending so much time gardening, that I am getting behind in blog reading and completely losing track of the date/


I love that yellow lily. Sorry about the heat. It is hot here too but the humidity isn't too bad. It is still very unpleasant out.


Too hot and humid in the summer/too cold in the winter? Hate to sound like a broken record but maybe it's time to move west. Is next weekend your tour? I'm sure that your guests will be thrilled with the beauty of your garden, especially with all the work you've been doing to prepare.

Barbara H.

Piggy, sweaty - very apt description of gardening in the summer! Add to that over 20 chigger bites from cleaning up a fallen tree and the edge of the woods and you have an Alabama gardener who is backing off the outdoor life for a while. Your lily is lovely. Will you move some of the survivors to a sunnier spot?

Linda Brazill

I got a bunch of chigger bites early in the season; my first ever. They make mosquito bites seem like nothing. I had not really thought about moving the lilies to a sunnier spot. Often it is impossible to dig the bulbs back up; they really go down deeper over time.

Linda Brazill

I might be able to move away from my garden but never from all my friends. Next weekend is the tour. It's a conifer group so who knows if anything other than conifers will even be on their radar.

Kris P

I know how your feel, Linda! I spent several days on one of those early morning and late afternoon slogs tackling one garden chore after another and felt piggy myself, as well as sunburnt and covered in new bug bites on each occasion. Your lilies are lovely and were rightly left where they are.

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