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Thursday, July 19, 2018


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Barbara H.

You are a busy woman! Those impending deadlines provide great motivation for immediate action. I'm glad your weather has improved enough to make it possible. I hope it is perfect for your garden tour.


Wow, you've really shifted into high gear to get ready for the tour. I'm really impressed that you were able to move the daylilies without snapping off the flower scapes. Your garden is looking fantastic!


Sometimes it's good to have some external motivation! Your photos are making me sigh, and relax, and enjoy my memories of seeing your lovely garden in person. My mom and I were just at Butchart Gardens yesterday, and they had some lovely daylilies.


I hope the tour goes well! I'm sure your daylilies will be much happier in their new spots. I love daylilies and I'm in the process of sorting mine out as well. I have a lot, some of which are afflicted with gall midge, which distorts the flowers and keeps them from opening properly.

Linda Brazill

I think I am finally accepting the fact that every single thing we grow will have a pest or a problem soon or later. Daylily gall midge is a new one for me.

Linda Brazill

Hoping for the best for Saturday but the weather forecast has changed from 30% rain showers to 50% chance of storms, with storms predicted for today and tomorrow. At this point, I figure the garden looks good and we do need rain. I have been on some very rainy tours including the Chicago Botanic which closed the garden while our group was there as the rain turned into record breaking floods and damage!

Linda Brazill

I managed pretty well moving the daililies until I was planting the last one. It is a double yellow and I put it next to a Chamaecyparis 'Fernspray Gold" hoping the yellow would work with the acid yellow green of the foliage. The daylily had one bud on it and I broke it off as I straightened it in its planting hole! Aargh.

Linda Brazill

How is the weather there and what did you think of Butchart? We did not get there when we were in the area. My garden feels so nice not smothered in weeds.

Kris P

We all need an incentive to get to the neglected chores in our gardens at times! I had 3 visitors early this week and it prompted a clean-up but, following a major heatwave, there was only so much I could do. I love daylilies and only wish they were happier here. Will yours still be in bloom at the time of your tour?

Linda Brazill

I think there may be a few daylilies still blooming but the big Asian lilies should have started opening. Though I tend to think of my garden as slowing down right about now, I certainly lose energy in July and August.


You weren't kidding about putting a ton of work into the garden, the new plantings look great! I know rain or shine the garden will show off, but I hope the shine wins... just for the sake of those visitors who forget their umbrellas!

Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden looks ready to me. Love the new larch. I can see right now I need to have a garden tour. Maybe you should wear a bicycle helmet while weeding by the fence. ha...

Linda Brazill

Nothing like a tour to kick me into high gear. Can't tell you how many times I've smacked my head on the same tree branch etc. over the years. I get working and stand up before I think about where I am and what is around me.

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