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Wednesday, July 04, 2018


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Hadn't thought about "Prox" in a while; good memories of our Progressive traditions in WI. May it rise again!


Confusion to George the Third!
Happy Fourth.

Lisa at Greenbow

Good information Linda. I hope you and Mark have a grand 4th of July. Try to stay cool. Cheers.

Linda Brazill

He could be a little crazy now and then, but he fought the good fight when needed.

Loree / danger garden

The former (first and only other) owners of my house in Spokane had a flagpole installed in the patio, right off the kitchen door. From what I later learned it was a bit of a neighborhood landmark. One of the first things I did upon moving in was to remove it. It's a wonder the neighborhood still accepted me!

Your flag looks wonderful where you have it placed.

Linda Brazill

Flag yes, flagpole no. Growing up we had a pre-WWII flag that was huge and hung between two porch posts. It went from the ceiling to the floor and was totally cool. I decided I was not going to let the righties claim the flag which is why I ordered one for us.

Kris P

I love your flag and its story! We have one that came to us through my husband's family. Our house conveniently came with a mount attached to the arbor over the front entry, which makes hanging it relatively easy.


Very interesting to know!


A good reminder that the flag is for all of us. Your flag's story makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing the information about ordering a flag for a special day. Hope you had a happy Fourth!

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