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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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How exciting to get so much done in a day! Thanks for the link love. I toy with the idea of hiring a pro to work with me on occasion but then reconsider. Funny thing, I don't spend any time just sitting and enjoying being in the garden; it's all about the thrill of being around the plants as I'm working. Although, there is a bamboo grove that could use some trenching or removal and that job would be better left to a pro.

Loree / danger garden

Congrats on moving forward and knowing when it was time to bring someone in. Enjoy the tour!


The garden was gorgeous before Tuesday, but I am glad you were able to get so much work done.

Lisa at Greenbow

Believe me when I say that most people won't even notice that front bank project. You have so much to admire. Nice to have help. I always think it is amazing how the professionals can stay focused and get so much done in a short time. I always veer off project to some other task then the original task isn't completed when I want. Carry on...

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very impressive! And I know your garden will be a hit--no matter how you present it. :)

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

That sounds like an amazing day! Lately I feel like I've been spinning my wheels in the garden: just doing what needs doing to keep things alive and not smothered by weeds. I long for "fun" things, like moving plants and having a moment to just take stock of what's right and wrong in the garden.

I'd love to hear more about your professional garden assistant. Where does one find such a unicorn? Good luck with your tour. I'm certain you will inspire a new group of gardeners.

Linda Brazill

I'm just like you always zooming from here to there. Even when I make a list to help me stay on track I still veer off. Fun to tell someone else what to do and they stayed on track!

Barbara H.

Congratulations on finding and using a garden assistant. There's always so much to do that having a helper who stays on track perhaps helps you focus, too? Or is that just my own personal dream.... And what fun to be able to shop the yard to improve the areas that need help. Wish I was close enough to tour your garden. I know it will be lovely for those who can make it.

Linda Brazill

In 20+ years of gardening this is the first time that the garden has ever had attention from someone other than Mark and me. But the woman I've found seems like a keeper.

Kris P

I envy you your garden assistant! I have a couple of local bloggers due to visit on Monday and, with everything a mess following our big heatwave, I could use 4 hands and 2 heads! Best wishes with your tour prep!

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