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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


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Wow, just beautiful. Great idea to document your garden at its best.

Barbara H.

This was a lovely way to start my morning. About half way through I started clicking on the picture to get a larger view. When I reached the end of the post I had to go back to look at the beginning pictures in the larger format. I will never tire of looking and walking your garden - thanks for the tour!

Linda Brazill

Thanks for those kind words. I forget to tell readers that they can click to enlarge the photos. I was looking at the blog the other day trying to decide if I should see if I could redesign it to get bigger images. But that means brushing off computer skills that have not been used in a long time!

Loree / danger garden

I love a good garden tour, thank you! And thanks to Mark. I do hope I'll get to see your garden in person someday.


How excellent to have a successful tour just over, so you can both savor the garden in tip-top condition while the exhausting prep work quickly recedes in the rear-view mirror. These are hugely inspiring photos; thanks so much.

Linda Brazill

One of these days I will figure out how to do a video tour. I have wanted to do a few things blog-wise that involve teaching myself some new computer skills and I really have trouble motivating myself to do that.

A couple of local bloggers/Flingers are trying to set up Madison as the 2020 Fling location. We certainly have enough public and private gardens to support a Fling. But I am not sure we have the businesses to support that kind of event. And so far I think there are only a couple of people working on this. To me that is a real problem: We don't have the blogging community that Austin has or the PNW. Next month I will have blogging for ten years and I keep trying to decide if it's time to stop. Since I've already had a journalism career, it's not like I need to exposure or contacts. But I've spent some time writing every day for so many years that I don't seem to be able to quit . . .

Linda Brazill

I've had friends over yesterday and tomorrow so we can just sit on the deck and enjoy the view and drink ice tea.

Kris P

It's wonderful to see wide views of your garden like these, Linda! Thanks for sharing Mark's photos. It's probably an odd thing for a flower freak like me to admit but the garden of my dreams is a woodland garden replete with greenery like yours, ideally positioned near a lake but a beautiful pond like yours would be welcome too.


Nope, not exhausted. I am feeling refreshed and relaxed after looking at all of that green! If I look to my left, I see hot sun washing out all of the colors in my backyard. But relief is on its way (if we can believe the forecast). Thanks for sharing Mark's lovely photos of your delightful gardens.


What a great idea to document the garden when it's looking its best. I've been wanting to do a blog post like this since April, but I keep putting it off because I've got so many areas that look bad or are in the middle of renovation. I still have areas that haven't been put back in order after having the house painted, so stuff is still strewn everywhere. At this rate I'll be showing the garden in December. In the dark.

Linda Brazill

A gardening friend who was visiting yesterday said she could not figure out how I ever got off the deck and got motivated to work with that peaceful view. She has a massive country garden which is at peak flowering at the moment, and she said if she ever did another garden it would be a green one.

Linda Brazill

Glad you got some visual relief and hopefully soon some real relief. The high temps around the country and the world are scary to say the least. It's warm and sunny here but nothing unusual for the end of July.

Linda Brazill

There are plenty of areas that need some attention, but luckily enough is looking good that they don't jump out like they might if it was hotter and drier. The rain helped freshen things up for sure.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden looked ready for anything. It is so lush, vibrant and oh so compelling with all of those path with treasures lurking around each bend.


This garden tour was excellent. Your explanation really helped me get a better feel for the layout of your garden (along with this post ) Your garden is so tranquil and green. I love everything about your space! Changing the paving materials is brilliant helps separate your areas nicely. The former lawn area looks rather lovely covered with pine needles. I'm impressed that your garden isn't fenced in the front and that you don't have a problem with unwelcome guests. Here, we've had to put locking gates up to keep people from vandalizing and stealing things and even plants from the garden.

Linda Brazill

We don't have sidewalks and it is a busy street. Though there are pedestrians,I've never had a flower stolen in all the years we've lived here. Mark put a big pot out where it is visible from the street but so far it's been OK. It's heavy and cracked so it is not a great steal. From the depth of the street you can't see over the Geraniums etc. to know there is a path there. Our biggest vandals are the raccoons, rabbits and turkeys. Just saw two turkeys next door so I am freaked!


Well it really does look perfect. So restful and well groomed, and the rain really seems to have given it that healthy green glow that I always love.
I didn't think it was as extensive and intensive! I don't know how the two of you keep up with it, I hope there are enough lower maintenance areas so it doesn't drive you crazy. It really is a space to enjoy though.

Beth @ PlantPostings

It does look fantastic, Linda! I can't even imagine how much work you put into it. I would take 100s of photos, too. Bravo!

Linda Brazill

Thanks, Beth. It really does feel like the first time this season that I'm caught up. I think the fact that so much died and had to be dug out and removed meant we did a lot of work but only had big holes to show for it, so it felt like we were trying to catch up all the time.

Linda Brazill

It's a half acre but you are right that it is gardened intensively. When you start out you forget that you will age along with the garden. You may slow down but the garden won't. Finally deciding to hire some help I think will make a difference.

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