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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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I'm glad you didn't have more damage. A high school classmate is a Dane County 911 dispatcher, and she shared some moving thoughts about working yesterday.

Barbara H.

Oh my goodness, that was quite a storm. I think I'd be raising that artwork higher off the floor. Everything is so out of sync in the world. I'm glad you came out of it relatively unscathed. A cousin in Kennewick lost her house to a range fire that came quickly over the ridge and took out at least 5 houses. She was trying to save her home with a garden home when her husband rushed home and swept her away to safety, but the house was gone.


I'm glad your place was relatively unscathed but feel for the folks who've been evacuated and the family of the person who drowned. We're still dry and smokey. Driving home yesterday, I thought I was headed toward Dehli the smoke was so thick.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I've been waiting for you to post and more than a little relieved to read that you didn't sustain terrible damage. When I heard about the kind of rain that Madison was getting, my thought immediately went to you. I'm very glad that it wasn't worse at your house.


That kind of rainfall coming down in such a short period of time is really scary. The water has no time to soak in. I think you escaped with a minimum of damage considering. Lucky you had a pump to call upon. We also have a pump but for pumping water up from our tanks. I hope we never have to use it as a sump pump although as Texas rains go it could be a reality. I would very much like it to rain but had better be careful what I wish for. Not what you had for sure. Oh! I just saw Madison on the news as I write this.

Kris P

I'm glad you posted your status, Linda. Listening to NPR on the way home this afternoon, I heard that Madison had been hit hard and thought of both you and Beth (Plant Postings). I'm happy to know you're okay and I hope the basement problem is readily sorted out. I also hope the storm has moved out of your area and that you get a good long break to dry out.


:: absolutely terrifying to watch a massive green and yellow and orange blob swirling around and around and around on the map right where you live. ::

It is indeed. Ten inches is a phenomenal amount of rain for one storm; it's what fell here almost 50 years ago during Camille (granted, all within a few hours). It's eerie and heartrending to hear of people being swept away by floodwaters in such a comparatively flat place.

Loree / danger garden

I’m so glad you weren’t hit worse, what a tragic event for many. Like Peter mentioned we’re at the opposite end of the spectrum. So so so dry with record heat in Portland and record dry. Plus the smoke in the air at unhealthy levels, you can’t see a few blocks and you certainly shouldn’t be breathing it. Nothing but extremes these days it seems.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can't even imagine what 10" of rain would do here. We have had 6" before and had water under our house which we had to pump out. Luckily we have no basement. It looks like you have your basement prepared for such water events. So glad you and your property are safe. When you mentioned 10" the first thing I thought of was your pond. I wondered if it overflowed. What a way to get your pond cleaned out. ;)


That is a terrifying amount of water! Glad you are doing ok, and seem to have a handle on it. We used to get water in our basement when we lived in Massachusetts. We lost hundreds of paperback books in one flood. We lived right next door to wetlands, so it came with the territory. When we moved out here to Washington, no basement was the top of the want list for a new house. We live 600 feet above sea level now, on top of a ridge.

My heart goes out to the family of the man who was swept away. That must have been shocking, to have that happen so close to home.

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