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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Those lilies are dramatic. Happy GBBD.


Resurgent 'Black Beauty' lilies: nice "problem" to have!

That sedum isn't 'Matrona', I don't think; M's foliage is greyish, and the stems also not so dark, more rosy. Could it be 'Purple Emperor'? It's brilliant with that calamint.

Kris P

The lilies may be crowded but they're also gorgeous! Are you going to allow them to stay?


Lovely blooms. Greens are wonderful and soothing, especially in the heat of summer!

Linda Brazill

I have a number of Sedums that have died or been moved around so much that i can no longer identify them. But I know I had 'Purple Emperor' so you are probably right in your suggestion that that is what it is.

Linda Brazill

I will try to remove them from that spot as I am trying to let the trees shine without other plants invading their space. The question is whether I will find another spot for the lilies (or even if I can find the bulbs when I dig down).

Beth @ PlantPostings

Happy belated bloom day! Still plenty of blooms in your shade, and as Peter said, greens are soothing. :)

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