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Friday, August 24, 2018


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Barbara H.

Oh gosh, I'll be hoping for the best for your area. Congratulations on your ten year anniversary! That is quite an achievement! Enjoy your day off.

Linda Brazill

Looks like we may squeeze through the narrow band of the storm that is moving in right now.


Happy blogiversary and good for you for taking the day off! Hope that the forecasters are wrong and your area avoids another heavy rain event. Keep that basement artwork dry!

Linda Brazill

The weather situation is making me too nervous to blog so a good day to take off. We should be OK unless we get another "rain bomb" because we live at the top of one of the local watersheds. But the map of where flooding from the lakes is likely to occur includes our old house, an 1899 Queen Anne.


Happy 10th anniversary and may you write for many more years to come. That is a beautiful picture of your city but I can see why the concern. You are an island. I hope everyone and their properties stay safe.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

First off, congrats on that blog anniversary. I have enjoyed your blog more than any other garden blog I've come across and it has been an incredible source of inspiration for my garden. You are my go-to person for new and interesting plants.

As for the rain, I don't know what to say except that I hope the forecast fizzles out and that both you personally and Madison in general have a chance to dry out a bit.

Linda Brazill

Unless we get another "rain bomb" we should be OK. So far this morning the rain on our side of town has been light and did not last too long. We are at the top of Lake Wingra watershed and not in one of the areas of concern but our old house looks like it will get hit with rising lake water. So much of the charm of Madison is lake living and no one has ever seen this weather before. The limnology blog is terrific.

Kris P

Congratulations Linda! 10 years - that's an amazing accomplishment. As to the storms, I hope they'll prove to be far less vicious than the last one. The impact of climate change manages to get me wound up almost daily now and never ceases to make me angry that federal officials continue to fail to face it.

Stay safe!

Lisa at Greenbow

Congratulations on your 10th Blogaversary. That is a long time to blog. I hope you have many more years to blog.
As to all that rain. It is just a big mess. Those messes are all over the country in one form or the other. Crazy. Summer used to be such a pleasurable time. A few thunderstorms, maybe a tornado here and there but not much damage. Now it is constant misery for a section of the country. I hope you enjoyed your day off and your area gets dried out before the next onslaught.

Loree / danger garden

Congrats and fingers crossed for you. Scary times for sure...

Diana Studer

Happy 10th blogaversary!

Cape Town is still wondering if we have another drought year. Good rain at the weekend. Despite the drought people living in Hout Bay were asked to stay at home as a few roads were flooded. Too much and too little all at the same time!

Linda Brazill

We have friends in So. Africa so we have had some sense of your water woes, but that is certainly a frustrating state of affairs.


-and also I'm glad you avoided the worst of the rain and flooding. Lets hope it stays that way!

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