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Monday, August 27, 2018


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Each selection is perfect. You've styled and photographed the flowers beautifully Linda. Great statuary.

Susan Adler Sobol

Thank you, Linda, for the link to the R.W. Apple article. I had enjoyed reading his articles. One early autumn, a friend (whose daughter attended UW) and I drove up from the North Shore of Chicago to attend the farmer's market. As we wandered around, I was very intent on people watching --- more specifically, I was wondering if I could spot you! As it turns out, you weren't there that day. All the best, Susan

Linda Brazill

That statue makes everything look good!

Linda Brazill

Any time I saw RW Apple's byline, I read whatever the story was. The same is true of Holland Cotter and Frank Rich. Those guys can write on anythings and beautifully as well. I think you almost have to have been to our big market to appreciate that article. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.


Aren't farmers markets great? Like you, I love getting to know suppliers, and buying produce. Your dahlias are lovely and nicely staged by your sculpture.


The Lohan looks quite pleased with your beautiful arrangement, as well he should!

Loree / danger garden

If I understand you correctly, you can buy individual stems from this vendor? What a treat! I resist buying a lot of farmers market flowers because they're already made into bouquets — combinations I would never chose.

Linda Brazill

She has some pre-made bouquets, but most of her flowers are just in big white plastic buckets and for sale per stem. As you say, perfect for picky types like us!

Lisa at Greenbow

The lighting in the first few pictures reminds me of those old Dutch paintings. Beautiful.
Your Scholar seems to appreciate the vase of flowers beside him too.
Happy IAVOM.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for that nice compliment about the light as I find it really hard to figure out indoor lighting for photos.


As I discovered last week the farmer's market is a great place to find a bouquet to fudge for IaVoM when you don't want to cut anything from your own garden. I love your color choices!

Kris P

It was interesting to me that you considered the backdrop for your arrangement in making your color choices as I usually approach flower arrangements from the opposite perspective. Of course, I lack anything as engaging as your Lohan to embellish. I haven't visited a farmer's market in some time as those that are close are generally mobbed by traffic (like everything else here).


Oh those colours works so perfectly with the statue, Linda!

Amelia Grant

Love those Dahlias and the long stemmed arrangement with the statuary. Displays both perfectly.

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