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Monday, August 06, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet little vases. I am sure everyone enjoyed them.


A sweet trio to welcome your friends. Pretty in pink?

Linda Brazill

If anyone had asked me I would have said orange was the main flower color in the garden at the moment. Apparently not!

Loree / danger garden

Not just color but variations on the theme. Lovely.

Eliza Waters

A lovely trio, Linda - there is always some treasure to be found in the garden if we only have a look!


Well done! The restraint in the combination of similar colors and neutral color and shape of the vases makes it elegant.

Kris P

I love the deep colors in your trio, Linda. I was surprised to see the Heuchera blooms, as those are spring flowers here but then your climate is very different.


Striking arrangement. The gray containers are lovely in and of themselves and seem perfectly suited to showcase the pinks and reds of your flowers.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Excellent! I've always enjoyed that color--kind of a rosy-pink. In fact, my bridesmaids' dresses were a filmy floral pattern, including creamy white and that rose-pink color. It sounds gaudy, but it was very simple and graceful, and I loved it. :)

Amelia Grant

I love little groupings of vases and the colors and textures are lovely.

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