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Monday, August 20, 2018


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:: laughed because we were actually referred to as "the talent." ::

LOL! Reminds me of my favorite moment on Letterman, when Paul Schaeffer told the band drummer, "Don't make a sound until the comic finishes." Letterman: "The *COMIC* ?!?"

Linda Brazill

Great story and perfect response to mine.

Kris P

It's a great little video. I imagine there was a lot of "talent" left on the cutting room floor in making it succinct enough to serve its purpose. Who knows? Maybe the "out-take" reel will show up someday!

Lisa at Greenbow

A fun experience anyway.

Linda Brazill

Absolutely! And now we know how they put these videos together.


There's Marilyn! I was just in Pittsburgh at the Warhol Museum and after I got through I realized I had not seen any Marilyn, Mao, or The Last Supper and I was pretty sure I hit every room. I saw all of those when I visited last but it's been awhile. My guess is they are on a tour or perhaps they were never part of the permanent collection. I know there are many Marilyn screen prints but seeing that wall of Marilyn so soon after missing it at the Warhol gave me a chuckle since growing up in Pittsburgh develops in oneself a bit of a rivalry with Cleveland. Darn you CMA, you took our Warhol :)

Linda Brazill

We visited the Warhol Museum about ten years ago and it was fabulous. I loved it much more than I expected to.

Loree / danger garden

Oh man, I was hoping to see you in action, but with a title like that I suppose I should have known.


Your big film debut thwarted. Rats!

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