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Thursday, September 20, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Reading this makes me wish I had purchased some bulbs too. Aren't you clever to mark your flowers as they were blooming. I have often thought I should do that yet it remains to be accomplished. I have faith that you will be gardening into your old age. Hopefully we all will. I have a friend that is 88 and still gardens as much as she can and hires the rest done for her.

Kris P

I received my first bulb order too. I wish I'd had your presence of mind in marking the locations of this year's blooms - I have a disappointing knack for shoving my bulb planter right through existing bulbs.

Linda Brazill

This is the first time that I've ever marked a few spots where bulbs are planted. I usually do as you do: dig right into them when I am planting new ones.


Two years ago I bought a bag of river stones intended for marking the locations of daffodil clumps. Yesterday I discovered it beneath a luxuriant tangle of morning glory while weeding around the back of the garden. Oops.
Next spring for sure!

Linda Brazill

In the spring it is always so obvious where to plant some bulbs and it is amazing how that changes during the growing season. The only bulbs i really marked are the snowdrops and I am worried I am going to harm some tulips when I add more to that bed.

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