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Friday, September 28, 2018


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I'm mostly a one plant per pot kind of person but admire how folks combine plants in pots like these. It's a good way to have a mini garden just about anywhere. These are really nice!

Linda Brazill

I am also a one plant per pot person but I just made a note for next spring to try Jp. painted ferns with the big Hostas I put in pots. Now I just have to remember to do it!

Lisa at Greenbow

Some inspiration for next summer.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, they always have wonderful containers. Thanks for the nudge to get over there. Early autumn is one of my favorite times to visit Olbrich!


What a great place. Inspiration, education, delight.

Kris P

They're all nicely done vignettes. I've somehow accumulated a lot of containers but I usually plant them for long-runs rather than as seasonal displays.


You may have just saved the life of a begonia I was going to abandon to the frosts. I think I see the same one in one of your photos, and it makes me want to try (assuming I can overwinter) and give mine a second chance next year!
I was just sitting down to put together a summary of the year in annuals here, but these combinations really put mine to shame!

Linda Brazill

My thoughts exactly.

Linda Brazill

I think in places like these which have distinct seasons and temperature changes, a place like a public garden really makes an effort to change out at least some of the containers as the season advances. Of course, having staff and greenhouses helps!

Linda Brazill

I think your garden always looks good and you experiment a lot. It's easy to look good if you are a public garden and have staff. That's why all of us home gardeners are always complaining — because we keep comparing ourselves and our gardens to the pros.

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