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Saturday, September 22, 2018


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Cortney D

I cannot believe how quickly it turned chilly! It was 41 last night here in Eau Claire and the extended forecast doesn't look much warmer. I was so hoping for a slow, warm Fall to make up for the strange Summer we've all had... (apologies if this is a duplicate post! My initial one seemed to disappear!)

Linda Brazill

I agree on both counts. I just got a bunch of plants from the west coast and I am worried they will not settle in properly if it does not warm up more.

Dee Nash

It was even chilly here this morning. 60 degrees which is chilly for us this time of the year. I loved it so much especially since my air conditioning went out yesterday. I hope to have it fixed by Monday afternoon. Do you even have air conditioning in your home where you live?~~Dee

Kris P

The signs of fall are far more subtle here. Our daytime temperatures are still in the 80s with nighttime temperatures in the upper 60s but that's an improvement! I celebrated by buying some new plants.

Linda Brazill

I have to laugh as our temps just dropped from the 80s in the daytime to the 60s with overnight lows in the 40s. A big shock to say the least. But it was a beautiful day today to work in the garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

We are having some of the same weather. Got a shot of rain and cooler temps. I love it. Everything looks relieved.

Linda Brazill

Your garden has struggled from lack of rain while mine has struggled from too much. Glad you are getting a break.

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