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Monday, September 24, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

A beautiful limb. I was just thinking about Aldo and Rachael Carson this weekend as we were birding. I have birded so many years and it seems that there are fewer and fewer Warblers to see each season. This saddens me. I see life as we know it changing, not for the better.

Linda Brazill

I've bought books and CDs in attempts to learn about birds and recognize them to no avail. But I have to agree that I don't see the variety in our garden that we used to notice when we started the garden 20 years ago.


What a wonderful offering for your vase and the quote is lovely as well. During a walking meditation at a weekend workshop I crunched numerous acorns and felt autumn's through my shoes.


A sweet oak branch well displayed. I love oak trees, the shape of their leaves and their long lives thrill me. Still not over my childhood obsession with acorns but I suppose having to sweep them off of one's driveway might cure that. Happy autumn.

Linda Brazill

A bag of oak and acorn debris gets heavy very fast!


There is somethig so distinctive about that crunch, isn't there? In our garden it is empty beech nuts from a neighbour's tree but previously it was empty hazel nuts from our own, something we won't have again now we have taken those two trees down ;) Such a pleasure to see your oak twig today

Kris P

It makes a pretty vase all by itself. The crunch of acorns underfoot (or under tires) sounds like a good musical accompaniment for the arrival of the fall season.

Loree / danger garden

Yes indeed! That branch is deserving of such a display, it’s a beauty!

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