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Monday, September 10, 2018


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Barbara H.

I love the title of this post. I only hope I do as well as I age in place.


How clever to have kept the vase from August to be able to enjoy it age with such elegance.


Yes, perfect match. Plants that age gracefully like this are valuable. The Hibiscus leaf has a lovely form.

Linda Brazill

I think we are all hoping we can stay where we are and with our gardens as long as possible.

Linda Brazill

I love that Hibiscus. I only wish it were hardy. I have to grow it as an annual.


We should all be so lucky as to age this beautifully!


I have litte pots like this on my kitchen window sill and have been enjoying the aging process too - thanks for sharing yours, Linda

Kris P

It's doubly wonderful when an arrangement ages so well. I can't claim most of mine do at all well in that respect.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I love this! I've been really enjoying mini-arrangements lately. Sometimes just a single flower in a vase. It helps me to appreciate each flower for its own unique charm. Those vases are special, too!

Loree / danger garden

I’m glad you're getting lasting enjoyment, I would be too! Sometimes I keep things in a vase longer than I probably should, because they’re still interesting to me.

Lisa at Greenbow

Amazing that you still had one of those big lilies at this time. Your vases are aging well.
Have a good week.

Linda Brazill

My husband will keep a vase on his bathroom vanity forever. I think his favorite part is rust and patina and things going over. I usually freshen things up before he thinks it's necessary.

Linda Brazill

That group of vases with the lily is from mid-august to show how the berries looked a month ago. My likes are gone but I have one late daylily looking rather nice.


I find great beauty is 'ageing' plants, leaves and flowers. I wonder whether there is a name for this?

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