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Monday, September 17, 2018


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Barbara H.

It all makes a wonderful fall combination. Great foraging while out and about and in home and garden - well done.

Linda Brazill

Even though the goldenrod and asters were just going to die in place, I still felt a bit guilty cutting them. Five minutes from our house in a number of directions one comes across what look like fields. But they actually are part of business parks and are planted and maintained as prairies. The pickings would be great but I would not dream of cutting anything there. But I am sure there are people who don't have a clue that they are not some kind of abandoned property next to an office building!


Very autumnal. I love your foraged materials and everything looks wonderful in Mark's pitchers. "Our basement pottery stash" brought a smile; your home museum's rotating collection is impressive. The new table arrangement is gorgeous!


Your pitchers are lovely Linda and I love how you have set up the table.

Linda Brazill

I try to enjoy all of our stuff because one day it will all have to be downsized when we move to the "home."

Lisa at Greenbow

I have thought the same thing about this 'foraging' that is often written about. I really like your plant combos. They are very fallish. Your vignette is adorably autumnal.

Kris P

I can't tell you how often I've been tempted to collect seedlings from an empty lot up the street but then I remind myself it's private property and go back home empty-handed. One day I'll cave - there's a self-sown plant from the borage family there I'd really like to try growing. You did a nice job with all the materials you collected and, as usual, you created a thoughtful and compelling vignette.


Yes, I guess it's a grey area, Linda - but I hope any IAVOM foragers are always responsible in their actions. I do like your mix of artifacts, especially the cloth under the jugs, and the faded yellows and greens look great with them - but I suspect your house is full of really interesting things!

Linda Brazill

Glad to know I am not the only one who's wondered about foraging. And yes it does look autumnal but it is 90 degrees out right now, so it fells like high summer.

Cathy Thompson

The vases from your pottery stash are superb and your foragings perfect with them.

Loree / danger garden

What a beautiful vignette, you made excellent use of your foraged finds.

I must share that I have no qualms about picking up fallen branches or cones in the park, or on a sidewalk. If it’s an empty lot then weeds are fair game (in my mind). There’s a tree in a neighbor’s garden that regally drops hunks of moss on the sidewalk...I love finding them and always bring them home.

Linda Brazill

I agree that what you are doing is totally legit.

Amelia Grant

Love the whole composition. It may not seem like fall, but that is a vision of Autumn!
I have similar qualms about foraging, though my back yard is mostly what you refer to as forage! I occasionally rescue plants from lots being cleared. And interesting bits pruned from palms piled at the curb.

Linda Brazill

A couple of years ago, I came upon a big pile of curbside pruning and filled up my car trunk with assorted evergreens for winter displays.

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