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Thursday, September 27, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

The light color of the Cimifuga looks nice against the dark fence. I like the contrast of foliage with the forest grass and sedums too. With these fall rains my tricyrtis is now blooming but it's poor desiccated leaves are not so pretty. I and the garden are loving this cooler wetter weather.


Some nice early autumn blooms. Most of the sedums in my garden have suffered as the shade has increased & I've killed a couple Cimicifugas several years back so didn't try again. We have Tricyrtis in common - Wonderful foliage and really interesting small flowers.


Linda, I remember having cimicifugas that bloom in July; is this a different variety? Those I had died out in my garden years ago, but I like them and if I replant I would like a fall bloomer.

Linda Brazill

I've lost most of my other Sedums to shade as well. These seem to be doing ok in the long driveway border so I added two more varieties. We'll see if they make it through the winter let alone thrive.

Linda Brazill

This variety always blooms in the fall for me. There may be other varieties that I don't know that bloom earlier, they've reclassified this plant as an Actea and they bloom earlier.

Kris P

Your late bloomers are beautiful, Linda. I wish those Sedums did half as well in my own climate.


Love your sedums. I have two that are ready to bloom any day now, but they are in the box turtle pens so we don't really get to see them in the garden!

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