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Friday, September 14, 2018


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It's good to see that most of the plants have not minded the extra rain. Those walkways are lovely inviting you around the corner to see the hidden views.

Lisa at Greenbow

It is most heartening to find an ugly spot in a near perfect garden. It seems to encourage us to aspire to the betterment of our own gardens.


Beautiful! It is nice to see that even the pros have problems with plants sometimes. Sounds like a lovely meander through the gardens.


By coincidence, just yesterday I ran across a post on the Olbrich gardens from August, by the gardener at the Rotary BG in Janesville:
Back then the ghostly Brunnera was nearly flawless.

Linda Brazill

i have that plant in my garden and all but one of them look good. So I was amused to see Olbrich had a group that did not look good either.

Kris P

That's one lovely garden. I'm glad to see evidence that the plants appreciated all that rain.


Can totally relate! The Olbrich gardens look dauntingly well cared for, both in sunny August and now, lusher for all that rain.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That's so encouraging, Linda! I've been meaning to get over there, so I must within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the reminder!

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