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Tuesday, September 18, 2018


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A clever alternative to using thirsty pots.


Indeed, a cool idea.

Kris P

I like this idea a lot. I wonder what my husband would say if I started prying up the paving stones in our driveway?

Linda Brazill

He probably would not mind, if you did not mind when he drives over your plants!

Lisa at Greenbow

Some pretty color combinations. Interesting concept. Sometimes I feel like busting out some of our concrete patio. It has been added to over the years and then cracked. It would make some good areas to plant.


That is so cool! When I was enjoying Mark Dwyer's photos of Olbrich at the Rotary Bot. Gardens site, I wondered if the plants around the water feature were in the ground or just so lush that they perfectly obscured their containers. This makes a lot more sense than pots for thirsty tropicals.

What happens after frost? Do they set pots or other items there to mask the empty spots? I'm visualizing artistically piled-up gourds...


Go for it, Kris! I bet the center line is rarely to never run over...

Linda Brazill

I realize I never go that far into the garden once cold weather arrives. I will have to try to remember to go check it out.

Linda Brazill

Ian Young who operates the Scottish Rock Garden Society's bulb log plants his center driveway strip. And not long ago it seems I remember reading something where there is actually a name for the strip. Just click on a date on the bulb log and you can see what is blooming in his garden and driveway.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Good question from Nell. I don't remember seeing those spots in the winter, either, although I have in the fall. I'm thinking they might leave the dried plant material in place until spring? But not sure. In any case, I've always enjoyed these displays. Thanks for the background on their creation.


We are in Ireland right now, and I am constantly taking pictures of mosses, ferns, butterfly bushes, and other plants growing on tops of walls, in cracks in stone walls and sheets of rock, etc. They always enchant me. These pavement gardens are lovely!

Linda Brazill

Are you posting your photos anywhere? They sound great.

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