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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


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Barbara H.

Rational rain - I love it. I'm so glad it has slowed down for you. Wish we would get some of it because it's pretty dry out there but I'm grateful for what we've got weather wise.


Fingers crossed for continued gentle rain for you! The rains have started early here this year and, although the shorter days and cooler temperatures aren't my favorites, it is nice to see the appearance of mushrooms and the revival of mosses and lichens.

Lisa at Greenbow

We haven't had any more rain as yet. Hopefully Friday and the following Monday will give us this sweet relief. Then I also hope that the temperatures moderate to a more normal range. These 90 degree days have worn out their welcome.

Kris P

That's the kind of rain I'm waiting for but a good deal of patience is required first.

Linda Brazill

Seems like it's feast or famine with moisture this summer. So it is nice to feel like we're having a little normalcy.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, well said, Linda. The garden was a bit dry in spots before the rain, yet other areas are still quite saturated. Weird growing season, but it seems we may rarely have "normal" growing seasons going forward.


How are your mosquitos? Here in the Milwaukee area they are worse than I can ever remember and they have made gardening miserable. I wish we could somehow have a frost that would kill off the mosquito population without harming the plants so I could enjoy the late summer garden.

Linda Brazill

A friend told me she heard a garden program saying that the mosquitoes are at record numbers, so it is not our imaginations. I am getting bit through long sleeves that I've spread with bug repellent.

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