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Wednesday, September 05, 2018


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rusty duck

Just catching up on some of your recent posts, my goodness you've had some weather. 10 inches in 24 hours? That is crazy stuff.
I hope the forecast is right and you all get a chance to dry out. Keep safe.

Kris P

A third of an inch of rain would be a good soaking in our books, although you certainly didn't need it. Even as a kid I could never get on board with the "Rain, rain, go away" song but, if I've lived up your way, I expect I'd be singing it all the time.

Beth @ PlantPostings

We got about 2.5-3 inches or more here in McFarland today (I didn't check the final amount, but when I checked at noon it was over 2 and still raining). When I looked at the radar, it appeared that McFarland and Stoughton were getting more this go-round, while you got more with that other big rain. In any case, all of us have too much. I hope the forecast will be right and we'll have a week with no rain. I'm covered in bites. Ick.

Lisa at Greenbow

We have just the opposite. No rain here for some time. The farmers are combining corn all around our little town and the air is full of dust. I feel dirty just going out to water. Breathing is becoming a bit difficult. The only good thing is that we don't need to mow.
My son that lives in WI sent pictures of the Rock River beginning to make its way toward his house. I am hoping the rain stops and the river subsides.

Linda Brazill

The forecast is showing 10 days with no rain. We are all hoping that turns out to be true. We've already had 4.22" in the first 5 days of Sept. on top of the incredible August rainfall. The paths in my garden are making squishing sounds.

Linda Brazill

I agree about the forecast. Wonderful to see some sunshine this morning.

Linda Brazill

Weather looks clear here but the rivers and lakes are so dangerously high that flooding is still a possibility for many people. Hope your son makes it through all this OK and mostly dry.

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