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Tuesday, September 04, 2018


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That's a lot of rain, especially when so much of it fell at one time. It's been a hot (for us) dry summer here with a total of .88 of an inch of rain from June through August. So, you're saying that science is a real thing and not just some silly ideas that academics came up with? Shame on your governor and legislature!

Linda Brazill

Sadly for Wisconsin's citizens, our governor and the GOP legislature are the poster children for dark money, the Koch Brothers and ALEC.


Checking the regional weather radar as we left Detroit yesterday, I saw that rain covered almost the whole state of Wisconsin. Worrying for lake levels...

Kris P

It probably goes without stating but I can't even conceive of that much rain. Sadly, I can conceive of the failure of politicians and legislators to consider the environment, even if we've been lucky in California to have a more forward-thinking governor for the past 7+ years.

I hope your garden has a chance to dry out in September.

Loree / danger garden

I simply cannot imagine that much rain falling in the summer, heck that even beats our rain totals in the winter! It’s a wonder you have a garden left.

Lisa at Greenbow

I always think that when inches of rain come in bursts and all in one week it is like not getting rain at all. It soaks in, runs off and doesn't do a lot of good for the garden. Our rainfall has been similar only you had more big bursts than we did. seems that all government is back sliding in taking care of anything but their pocketbooks.

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