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Thursday, October 04, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

All of my geraniums do this leaf discoloring/drying up look. I mainly ignore it. I do like the Astrantia. I am not very familiar with this plant.


Your Gorilla gardening certainly paid off; the replacement is gorgeous.

Kris P

A variegated Astrantia! I'm envious.


That's so remarkable: to find a plant that has pretty much the exact same size and effect, only more so -- and then to have it prove tougher than the one it replaced. Well done!

This week, I'm propagating two of my three precious G. maculatum 'Hazel Gallagher'. Their blooms are clean white, with no trace of pink or mauve, and the foliage is both fuller and deeper green than the species of other white-flowering selections. I'd love to have a great spread of them under the beech, but half the seedlings so far have been pale pinky-mauve. They're crosses with G. maculatum 'Cobblewood Ghost' (whose flowers had a suspect tinge in their first and only bloom season; the ghost melted away completely that summer).

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