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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

For goodness sakes. It is strange that the ginko didn't turn yellow before losing its leaves. Doesn't that feel weird? I always blame the drought at the end of the year when the leaves don't make much color but I know that isn't the case in your area. I wonder what it is?? Nature doesn't really stick to any certain standards. I think this is why I never tire of watching nature. You never know what is going to happen.

Barbara H.

I had no idea there were dwarf Ginkgoes, so that's something new to tuck away. How sad to see all those green leaves on the ground. A fully yellow Ginkgo tree in the fall is a splendid sight.

Linda Brazill

You are certainly right about never knowing what is going to happen with nature. And yes, last year things did not color up much because of heat and drought. This year it is rain and cooler temps but similar results.

Linda Brazill

Yes, there are a number of different dwarf Ginkgoes. They are really cute but they will keep growing, so I will have to prune them to keep them smallish.

Kris P

Wow, I never realized that those trees could drop their leaves that suddenly but I guess that speaks to the fact that they're relatively uncommon in my area.

Your blog is once again updating in my feed showing your most recent post so perhaps there will be no further problems in posting comments.

Beth @ PlantPostings

They are beautiful! Yes, I would cage them, too.

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