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Thursday, October 11, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Ha, I have trouble with just keeping Heucheras alive let alone worry about their coloring. Carmel and the old fashioned Purple Palace are they only ones I can get to survive here. At least this has been my experience so far. I now purchase these plants one at a time to see if they will survive. Not much luck yet I just love them. I guess you always want what you can't have.

Linda Brazill

Look for “villosa” hybrids as they are more tolerant of heat and humidity.

Barbara H.

Thanks for the tip about re-seating them. Like Lisa, I'm just happy if they are still alive and looking like they'll stay that way. I'm trying to cut back on buying plants but the tip on "vilosa" hybrids is a good one for my area, too.

rusty duck

I have yet to find the right light levels. I’ve always assumed heucheras love shade but it doesn’t work for me here. Too much shade? Your plant with late afternoon sun at least looks healthy. I can see I’m going to have to move a few around come Spring.


Yours are beautiful, beautiful, just as they are.

Gave up on them long ago. All they want to do here is die.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Good for you! I haven't had much luck with them, but I don't think I've found the right spot(s) for them. I did plant some Tiarellas that seemed to do well through the summer, but apparently rabbits are now gnawing on them. And I thought they were supposed to be rabbit resistant. Grrrr....

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