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Thursday, October 18, 2018


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Barbara H.

Congratulations to Mark and to Bobbie. It sounds like a great place to eat. How nice to be able to document that.

Lisa at Greenbow

How cool is that!?!

Kris P

Places like that are all too uncommon. I'm glad you found one and that you've joined in celebrating it.


Oh, that's great! We used to eat there with my mom's brothers and their families. I think the first meal Jim had with my family was at the OHOP on University. We have an ancient family joke about setting your lemon to stun, after my cousin squeezed lemon on his Dutch Baby, and it collapsed.


Congratulations to Nancy, Mark, and Bobbie! Perhaps some celebratory pancakes are in order.

Linda Brazill

I keep thinking about ordering the Dutch Baby but now I will know to "hold the lemon."

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