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Monday, October 22, 2018


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Amelia Grant

Love this - all foliage and a lovely combination of colors and textures speaking volumes about your garden. I have never lived far enough north to grow any of this, except maybe the ferns.
Boston ferns are native to my area of Florida- the ones in my vase just popped up in the garden one day.Good luck with the Muhly, I think well drained is the key, mine thrives in unirrigated sugar sand.


I enjoyed seeing the mix of foliage in a vase.....I should see what is left in my garden as the cold weather keeps blowing in and laying the garden low.


A wonderful celebration of beautiful foliage. I sometimes miss the beauty of winter in a cold climate but also love all the beautiful evergreen foliage in this mild winter climate. I guess there are trade-offs in any climate.

Linda Brazill

Lots of leaves came down on Saturday, many of them still green. Am afraid we may have another autumn like last year with much less color.

Linda Brazill

Your comment made me go out to see how things look after a cold weekend. Funny how some things like the Toad lilies and Hostas are kaput but others like Epimediums and many ferns look perfect.

Lisa at Greenbow

I don't need to know what all is in the vase. It is a fun mixture of textures and colors. Happy IAVOM.

Kris P

It's wonderful that you can keep your foliage display going for an extended period like that. The dried sedum flowers make a nice addition too.


Oh that is such a great example of why we don't need blooms for an attractive vase - such a glorious varity of foliage here, so thaks for sharing it Linda


Elegant arrangement. Lots of pretty foliage.

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