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Thursday, October 25, 2018


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Barbara H.

That's a whole lot of work but those beautiful pots are worth it. But what do you do with the plants that were in them?

Lisa at Greenbow

You do have a nice collection of pots. Fun to see them stacked up for the winter. I have put away all the pots I am saving this year. Winter is almost upon us.

Linda Brazill

The big Hostas Abiqua Drinking Gourd get stuck in the ground for the winter in an empty spot out of the way. The pair of tiny Hostas got composted as I have so many of them I can easily dig some in the spring.

Linda Brazill

Chopped 11 bags of leaves for winter mulch which I will put down once the ground freezes. Now I just have to cut down the plants.


You've a nice collection of beautiful pots. Even tucked away for the winter they look good. I feel fortunate that we can leave pots in situ year round, one more benefit of living in a relatively mild winter climate.

Kris P

I love that striped pot but all are beautiful. It's hard for me to wrap my head around all the winter preparations I read about in blog posts when we're expecting temperatures near 90F again tomorrow and there's no rain in sight.

Linda Brazill

It was about 45 degrees when I went out for a few hours to cut back Hostas and things that are getting gross from frosts. There is always a lot to do before winter gets here and as it ends, but I have to say I enjoy having a break from gardening all winter.

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