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Thursday, November 08, 2018


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I'm always impressed by how tough these delicate looking ferns are. So nice to have evergreen foliage in the garden through the gloomy days of winter.

Kris P

Your garden was made for ferns. I keep trying to introduce them here but they fry in the summer heat.

Linda Brazill

Even though it may get really hot here, it is usually not as much as what you experience and certainly not like some of your temps this year. Plus usually we have moisture/humidity which helps them survive.

Lisa at Greenbow

It seems like your ferns always look so good. I am going to try to remember which ones like dry.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Beautiful ferns, Linda. We have a mix here, too. My ostrich ferns collapse at the end of summer, but groundcovers hide them a little. Some of the others, like yours, are still green.

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