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Friday, November 16, 2018


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Barbara H.

There is a lot of temptation in that store. I'm glad it's not near me. It would put a serious dent in my effort to pare down. Those socks sound pretty wonderful and they will serve you well.

Linda Brazill

WE've lost a few of my go-to gift shops as owners have retired. This has become my new choice. Plus it is a benefit to the fabulous public gardens.

Lisa at Greenbow

The embroidered deer is a unique item. I love those socks. Anyone would like to have a pair of them.

Kris P

It looks like one of those perfect places to shop for gifts. There were a couple of those near my former apartment in Santa Monica, which I visited at least annually for years after we moved from the area, now both sadly shuttered to make room for charmless chain stores.

Loree / danger garden

What a fabulous place to do a little shopping. I have a growing collection of the bottle-brush trees, but might have to try my hand at making one of the felted ones. Thanks for the inspiration.


Here's to toasty feet and tinsel! Looks like a wonderful place to shop.


Envy your your proximity to this wonderful garden, not to mention the gift shop.......


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