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Thursday, November 15, 2018


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Loree / danger garden

Oh my, so cold! I am a wimp and would be hiding inside.

Kris P

High 30s?! I'd be so wrapped up in sweaters and coats I'd be unable to move.

Beth @ PlantPostings

We hit 41! Big thrill. LOL. Believe it or not, I was outside raking leaves and sweating today. That's how I can tell it's been really cold--when I feel warm with 40 degrees! I even found a few flowers in some protected microclimate spots--Lamiums and late-blooming Alliums. Happy GBBD!


Those temperatures sound terrible. I could have easily waited until December or January to see the teens!

Linda Brazill

Those temps are below normal. As you say, more like Dec. or Jan.

Linda Brazill

I was out almost four hours yesterday trying to prep my back garden beds and do more raking. We had a lot of leaves come down with the last sudden cold spell and have been waiting for a decent day to clean stuff up. Planned on going out again today but had not planned on snow overnight!

Linda Brazill

You must have always lived in a warm climate. It actually got up to 44 degrees and I was out working almost 4 hours. Once you get going and with sun and no wind it's not as bad as it sounds. That said I did have 4 layers on top (starting with a snuggly cami) and fuzzy leggings and flannel-lined pants. The big problem is always keeping my hands and feet warm but I did OK.


A bit cold for this time of year but if it's clear and dry, delightful weather for cleaning up after the party that is autumn.

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