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Monday, November 19, 2018


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Barbara H.

Your display has many treasures, including the masks hanging on the wall. The one on the right has my name on it but I have no room so I'm glad it's on your wall. I am familiar with those unearthed treasures found in the garden, but yours are more aesthetically pleasing than the ones I typically unearth.

Lisa at Greenbow

I always enjoy seeing your "stuff". You have interesting "stuff". Those orange lanterns are perfect for this time of year. It is too bad they are invasive. I would want them in my garden if they weren't. I remember as a child our neighbor had them growing over the edge of a wall that I walked by on my way to school. I couldn't hardly keep from picking them off and opening them to see if the berries were in there yet.Little packets of surprises. I bet my neighbor thought I was a brat if she knew I did this.

Linda Brazill

The mask you like actually has two faces. The top one has its eyes closed and the bottom face has open eyes. At our first garden we dug up a wonderful blue glass patent medicine bottle from the 19th century. We could tell they used the area as an ash pit from the house at one time.

Linda Brazill

Maybe she knew you did it but recognized a budding gardener.


Linda, the overall display is just lovely. I'm always a great admirer of your pottery and this pot with the Chinese lantern is exceptionally nice. Good idea to purchase Chinese lantern. I like it but invasive here as well.

Linda Brazill

Given that Chinese lanterns and orange bittersweet are both so wonderful for arrangements, it is distressing that they are both invasive. I'd love to grow them both otherwise.

Elizabeth Worthington

The Chinese lanterns are perfect for displays at this time of the year, especially in that beautiful vase. The other items in your display are very interesting too.


Restrained but fabulous, as always, display! I so admire your talent for assembling such divergent items and making them sing together. You're a visual choirmaster.


Just like Lisa I always enjoy seeing all your 'stuff' too - you have so many lovely things that make me want to reach out and touch them. The physalis are so pretty but I have heeded the warnings and not grown them myself but I wonder if they can be bought in the UK. I am sure they will be available somewhere and possibly just at an ordinary florist. Thanks for sharing, as lawaal


'as always' that was meant to say but as I clicked 'post' I could see that my fingers must have been doing their own thing!

Loree / danger garden

Extremely restrained. And the Physalis alkekengi look fresh. Good to know they store well, not that we have the room for that in our small house.


I absolutely love this display and the Chinese lanterns are perfect!

Linda Brazill

Only you would come up with a delightful phrase like "visual choirmaster."

Linda Brazill

Be glad you don't have the room to store more. We bought our property for the garden space and got a lot more house and basement than we needed and now it is stuffed full.

Linda Brazill

I had to laugh as I knew what you meant. I am always having slippery fingers or not realizing the computer has "auto-corrected" to the wrong word.

Kris P

I love all your displays I can imagine stopping to admire each one before asking you to explain their origins. I love both your old vase and the new one, and I'm impressed by how well the Physalis holds up - that may prompt me to buy some when the plants show up here next year in the early fall. I was intrigued by the face (mask?) on the floor below the table too - is what appears to be his beard separate pr part of the mask itself?

Linda Brazill

i'm really surprised by how well those pods held up. I never went to the market at the right time this fall to buy more, so I am glad they lasted. If you double click on the photo you may be able to see that mask better. It has such a big ruff of fiber (raffia??) that the chin sinks into it the way it is sitting on the shelf. It is hollow inside so I presume you put it on or over your head, depending how it fits. All of the figurative pieces that we own, we bought because we liked the facial expression — this one included.

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