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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


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Barbara H.

I love it all! Thanks, Linda.


Lovely how they offer vibrant green this time of year. Great shots.

Loree / danger garden

I love them all!

Linda Brazill

All of these rocks are from the 2015 driveway project. I think they must have had a bit of lichen on them already but they are on the north side of the house and it's been a rainy couple of years.

Lisa at Greenbow

How wonderful to have these living plants in your garden. I find them fascinating.


Says positive things about the air quality, also! I've been amazed at how much lichen has grown on stones put in place just 15-20 years ago; it gives a wonderfully been-here-forever feel to a garden.

Linda Brazill

I never thought lichens would appear on our rocks in our lifetime, so it is always a thrill to see them.

Kris P

Wonderful! And on the long list of plants that don't appear in my part of the country.

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