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Tuesday, November 06, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Your colorful assortment of leaves look pretty even on the ground. It is turning cold here. We will have a chilly clean up too.


While autumn color on trees is fabulous, it's also nice to enjoy the Persian rugs of foliage scattered about your garden.

Kris P

The paperbark maple leaves look like confetti! It's too bad the show is over in a snap like that.


I expected this morning's pelting rain to take down more leaves than it did, but it will probably be a couple of weeks before we have anything like your "floor show". Am I imagining it, or do more of the Asian woodies shed their leaves all at once, in full color?

Last fall, impatient to see how strongly the still-establishing dwarf witch hazel 'Little Susie' was blooming, I picked off its yellowed leaves one by one. This year I'm pleased to see only the inner foliage clinging on, and maybe the wind predicted for tonight will take care of that. The good news with witch hazel in any case is how the blooms last and last -- to Thanksgiving, even!

Hoping we'll have more to be thankful about this year than the last two. If not, well... the gardens will be even more important. Thanks to you and Mark for so many calming and contemplation-worthy scenes.


It looks beautiful, and I'm jealous of all the red in your paperbark maple leaves. Mine must be too out in the open and exposed, because the leaves get beat-up and brown before they color up much.

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